This is now horribly out of date, and needs updating - MCH

Astrogrid code is being developed in java and xml.

A central version control is being used - see UsingCVS. There are CodingStandards....


For now...

Code written by Astrogrid for Astrogrid is in org.astrogrid.*.

[Update: code developed from iteration 3, when Maven was adopted, is in astrogrid.*, not in org.astrogrid.* -- GuyRixon - 11 Sep 2003]

Code written by Astrogrid for applications that will run on the Grid should be complete in a subpackage of org.astrogrid. For example, the ACE service (SExtractor wrapper) is in org.astrogrid.ace and subpackages. Client tools should be in a separate peer package, in the case of ACE this is org.astrogrid.aceclient.

General code written by Astrogrid team members but are for more general use, such as xml tools or general UI components, are currently in no general package space. This is probably Not Good and should be sorted out...

See for the discussion on this so far.

Third party libraries.

Globus CoG kit - Required for GridFTP through MySpaceGridClient, and at some point presumably for providing 'real' Grid services.

Two implementations of vanilla FTP have also been introduced temporarily, via MySpaceGlobusFtpClient and MySpaceEdtFtpClient. These can generally be deleted in your local workspace; there is also a MySpaceSunFtpClient which uses the unsupported built-in FTP client supplied by Sun. If you do want to use the others, get the librarires from vanilla FTP from Globus and EnterpriseDT Client FTP

> VOTableUtil
> com.tbf.xml
JAVOT - The official votable parsing library - I'm going to be rude and say it's not up to scratch yet - it's not java-ethosy, and it requires yet another specific parser, which is however included. If a new version is not due it might be worth writing one. Or some kind of DOM wrapper that gives easy VOTable-like access to a DOM.

Aladin - Needed only for the Aladin <-> AceClient interface AladinAceClient. Delete the class/exclude from your build if you like.

Axis. Include axis.jar, commons-discovery.jar, commons-logging.jar

log4j - comes with axis anyway I think

Xerces parser - needed as it validates, unlike the sun standard one.

Ideally you want Sun's XML Web Services Developer Pack for the generalised SOAP handling (rather than Axis specific). I had trouble installing this on Linux, in which case the Summer release XML pack will do.


See UsingCVS

-- MartinHill - 13 Nov 2002

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