Instruction for Auto-Integration (this instruction is based on the tested version on, OS: Redhat Linux 9)


  • System requirements:
    • Tomcat 5
    • JDK 1.4.1 or JDK 1.4.2
    • maven-1.0-rc1
  • Check out the astrogrid/integrationTest/auto-integration project
  • Set the following properties in either '' under your home directory (preferred), or the '' file in the auto-integration project. (adjust to suit your own machine)






  • Create the directory you specified in 'work.dir'


  • navigate to the directory where you checked out the auto-integration project and run
    • 'maven undeploy-all' - to remove all astorgrid servives from your local machine
    • 'maven deploy-all' - to deploy all astrogrid services to your local machine
    • 'maven astrogrid-build-site' - runs the integration tests and generates html reports, in 'target/docs/index.html'
    • 'maven eclipse-int-test' - configures an eclipse project for auto-integration (e.g. sets the correct classpath) so that integration tests can be developed and run from eclipse.

* For more detailed info, refer to the 'project.xml' and 'maven.xml' in the auto-integration base directory.

* For more info about user name and passwd of tomcat server please refer to the relavent files within tomcat directory.

-- CatherineQin - 06 Apr 2004

-- NoelWinstanley - 17 May 2004

Topic revision: r5 - 2004-05-17 - 11:16:18 - NoelWinstanley
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