The AstroGrid Beta Test Resource Page

For the impatient, jump directly to detailed instructions for the current iteration Beta testing now

AstroGrid software releases, links for the user community

Beta testing the Current Iteration

Detailed notes on testing the current iteration are given in Beta testing now. This pages also gives links to the previous beta testing pages for older iteration releases.

If you haven't already done so please check the notes below as to how to sign up before reading the per iteration notes.

Signup and participate

Preparing to Beta Test

In order to access the software systems, and fully particpate in providing feedback and so forth, beta testers will have to be awrae of a number of information resources, and signup appropriately to them. The good news is you only need to do the following once.

The AstroGrid Wiki

In order to edit these pages (attributed) you'll need to register on the AstroGrid wiki - please use the page:

Once you have your wiki name such as NicholasWalton, you can set some preferences, for instance allowing sensible edit box sizes, look at NicholasWalton or TonyLinde for examples.

The AstroGrid Forum

In order to add to this you'll need to register:

The Beta Testing area is at

The AstroGrid Bugzilla

In order to add to this you'll need to register:

AstroGrid VO Resources

Related VO Resources

What Where Comments
The NVO Data Inventory Service Background info

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