Cycle-5 Technical Planning Meeting

Venue & times

Room F11, Physics & Astronomy Building, Leicester

Monday, 15th January: 10:30-17:30
Tuesday, 16th January: 09:00-15:30



  • Discuss formal Cycle-5 Top Level Goals (see Six Month Plans here and notes from cycle 5 science planning meeting)
  • Review Cycle-4
  • Review and list existing commitments
  • Review official goals
  • Review and list existing implicit goals
  • Summarise Cycle-5 deliverables (Stories)
  • Decide format of Tuesday meeting


  • Add detail to Stories (create Use Cases)
  • Add detail to Use Cases (create Tasks)
  • Document Cycle-5 Technical Deliverables

Cycle-4 Technical Review

Details can be found here.

Cycle-5 Goals

  • Improve software performance, scalability, robustness and reliability
    • Performance: Eliminate bottlenecks and poorly performing components. VO services should be perceived to cost no more than using existing solutions
    • Scalability: Verify System performance can be maintained by deploying additional VO services. Aim to support 100 logged in users, 20 simultaneous users of core services
    • Robustness: Review and enhance Unit and Integration tests, ensure components pass tests. Document resource requirements by component. Verify components fail gracefully when resources squeezed.
    • Reliability: Ensure components report true error conditions and fail gracefully. Provide additional APIs in AR to support retry and fail-over. Components should try to avoid hanging where possible.
  • Complete Technical User Documentation incl. running AR.
  • Work with scientists to integrate more science applications
  • Participate in critical review of fitness for purpose of the UI
  • I&R Process: review/refactor
  • Provide consistent, straightforward component configuration and administration mechanisms
  • Investigate and develop prototypye Taverna based workflow components
  • Continue component development:
    • DSA
    • Security
    • CEA
    • Jetty
    • UWS-PA
    • Condor/EGEE/NGS integration
    • STILTS service
    • VOSpace prototype
    • Registry V1.0 upgrade
    • ST(ime)AP service
    • ADQL Parser / Query Builder
    • Workbench enhancements
    • AR enhancements
    • Leicester service upgrades (Web/CVS/etc on VMs)
  • Meet external commitments:
    • IVOA
    • VOTech
    • ESAC
    • CADC
    • ChinaVO
    • Workshops
    • CalTech/SDSC


Systems testing pages

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