Work Package Forecast WP-A0
Quarter (Y1Q4 ): Jun'02 to Aug'02 Project Management & Infrastructure
WPM: Tony Linde University of Leicester


There are three key activities / deliverables for this quarter for the project:

  • architecture
  • phase B plans
  • consortium meeting
  • phase review

The architecture is critical if we are to know what we want to develop as a prototype Virtual Observatory. ...

The architecture will give us a chance to create realistic plans for the work to be done in Phase B and the resources needed to carry out that work. All of which allows us to create a budget for submission to PPARC. This has to be done early in Q4 and all negotiations completed by early August to allow for recruitment for posts beginning in September. We must not allow this to drag on as it has for Phase A.

Resources to be Deployed


Name Initials Institute From To SY
TonyLinde TL Leicester full time n/a 0.25
TimGoodwin TJG Leicester 2002-07-01 n/a 0.08 (half-time)
DavidGiaretta DG RAL 2002-04-22 2002-08-31 tbd
ElizabethAuden ECA MSSL 2002-04-22 2002-08-31 tbd

Planned WP Activity

Task list

Task Code Task Desc From To People Comments
On-going and overdue tasks
A0.Y1.Q2-01 Project management 2001-11-01 n/a TL ongoing
A0.Y1.Q2-13 Select, purchase & test web conferencing equipment 2001-12-11 2002-05-31 TL, ??? Install CVW, Purchase equipment,
Run trials with 3-4 sites
A0.Y1.Q3-05 Set up IM facility 2002-03-18 2002-04-26 TL, WD Set up Jabber server on uluru,
Trial Windows, Linux & Solaris clients
A0.Y1.Q3-06 Organise June consortium meeting 2002-03-11 2002-06-28 TL, MSSL? Venue, equipment, guests, ?broadcast, ...
A0.Y1.Q3-08 Produce Phase B plans 2002-05-13 2002-05-24 TL, AL Work, resource, equipment & finance
A0.Y1.Q3-09 Coordinate production architecture 2002-03-01 2002-05-24 TL Documented using UML
need way to collaborate using Together
New tasks this qtr
A0.Y1.Q4-01 Publish quarterly reports and forecasts for Q3/Q4 2002-02-28 2002-03-08 TL, WPMs  
A0.Y1.Q4-02 Issue quarterly budget for Q3 2002-03-11 2002-03-20 TL  
A0.Y1.Q4-03 Coordinate documentation for Oversight Committee 2002-03-11 2002-04-12 TL, WPMs Layer diagram plus explanation, project vision,
outline Phase B plans & resourcing, ...
A0.Y1.Q4-04 Develop & publish ProjectVision 2002-02-19 2002-04-12 TL, all Involve all of team


Deliverable Task Date Comments
Websites A0.Y1.Q3-05
video conferencing
Oversight Committee package A0.Y1.Q3-07 2002-04-12  
Q3 budget A0.Y1.Q3-02 2002-03-20  
Phase B plans & budget A0.Y1.Q3-07
ProjectVision A0.Y1.Q3-12 2002-04-12  

-- TonyLinde - 03 Jun 2002

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