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From here it should be possible to find all relevant, uptodate information about the current development iteration (Iteration 3). Please add links if you find anything missing.


Iteration 2 was a landmark release for us with a huge amount of code generated covering much of the AstroGrid problem space. We were striving towards several goals and by and large met them. Some areas were rushed. The first phase of Iteration 3 is to consolidate Iteration 2. Everyone should be looking critically at their code and addressing the following:

  • Do JUnit (and other) tests exist for all modules (classes and/or packages as appropriate) and do the modules pass the tests?
  • Will your code build and report correctly under Maven? We must start daily build and integration if we are to avoid quality and usability problems late in each iteration.
  • Have you avoided all hard-coded references and put properties where they should be; namely in property files? Are those property files using jConfig (case is significant in this name!)? If not, refactor!
  • Does all code meet the coding standards as defined in the Rogue Wave book? Do you have the Rogue Wave book ("The Elements of Java Style")? If not email today. The cruital test here is: are you happy for other developers to undertake a critical review of your code?
  • We are investigating the best way to deploy AstroGrid into the wild. In the meantime, please ensure your modules can be built and deployed using ANT scripts or by the deployment of self extracting WAR files if appropriate.
  • If you believe the development processes need updating or changing, please discuss on the forum and I'll amend as necessary.

Design Documents

The Use Cases and high level activity diagrams for Iteration 3 can be found in this PDF document. These are repeated in the appropriate work group pages. The Together Model with the high level and detailed designs can be found here.

Timetable for Iteration 3

Milestone Date
Iteration start 01-Jul-2003
Iteration overview design complete 18-Jul-2003
Consolidation complete 25-Jul-2003
Detailed designs complete 31-Jul-2003
Plans complete 31-Jul-2003
Code freeze 16-Sep-2003
Alpha testing complete 24-Sep-2003
Delivery kit built 29-Sep-2003
Iteration 3 ready for download 30-Sep-2003

Details design and development plans can be found on individual project pages. In board terms, the goals of each team is outlined below.

Work Groups

Details about the composition of Iteration 3 work group can be found here.


(link to project page)

  • Provide Portal framework (look and feel + framework pages) for other Work Groups to use
  • Simple public/private key login
  • Distributed authentication
  • Distributed authorisation (policy)
  • Management GUI
  • Management through web service
  • Astro tools

Dataset Access

(link to project page)

  • Add access to new datasets
  • Create QueryBuilder portal page, including storing/retrieval of queries
  • Dataset access policies
  • Provide QueryStatus interface
  • Expose database engine status instrumentation via above interface
  • Evaluate emerging IVOA VOQL standard

Job Control

(link to project page)

  • Investigate Triana
  • Create workflow definition portal page
  • Extend job control to support parallel and serial job step execution
  • Implement full job step monitoring


(link to project page)

  • Data import/export
  • File transfer between servers
  • Extend msExplorer
  • Publishing


(link to project page)

  • Build management GUI
  • Management through web service
  • Extend metadata to include other entry types (e.g. other registries)
  • Investigate and implement IVOA style registry hierarchies
  • Evaluate IVOA VOQL standard with respect to registry querying

Research Activity

Data Federation

(link to project page)

  • Investigate cross-matching source catalogues

Grid Technologies

(link to project page)

  • More!
  • Involve workgroups
  • prototype MySpace
  • investigate middle layers: GAT, OptimalGrid etc.

Iteration 3 Meeting links

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