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Iteration Goals

Iteration 6 is destined to be the first Release Candidate (RC1) for the AstroGrid project. As such we intend it to be substantially complete, but we have plans for a maximum of a further two Release Candidates (RC2 and RC3) before annoucing AstroGrid V1.0 at the end of this calendar year.

As a major iteration, it has been decided to allocate 4 months to it's development, starting 1st May and ending 31st August 2004. It will focus heavily on satisfying 3 Science Cases. From these Science Cases we have derived Use Cases which are designed to be applicable to more than one Science Case. Finally, the Use Cases are further divided into Implementation Cases and hence a task timetable against which we can measure the progress of the iteration.

This Iteration has also seen the formation of a Deployment Group tasked with taking the stable Iteration 5 code and installing it at real data Centres. This will allow us to road-test our deployment strategy and gather vital information from actual working environments.

-- KeithNoddle - 12 May 2004

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