Iteration 4: Registry Work Group


Name email
Kevin Benson
Dave Morris
Brian McIlwrath


  • Implement new IVOA registry schema
  • Implement IVOA compliant registry harvesting

High Level Calendar
Week w/e Date Activity
1 3-Oct Preliminary Thoughts
2 10-Oct Work group meeting
3 17-Oct Majority of Design docs complete
4 22-Oct Experimental code has been attempted already
4 24-Oct Finish off design docs
5 27-Oct Conf Call and review of design docs
6 28-Oct Create Consortium Presentations
7 29-Oct Mock delegetes and mock interface complete
8 31-Oct Astrogrid Schema and some of our first Beans should be already auto generated
9 31-Oct Some of the Community refactoring should have already started and things are being complete.
10 10-Nov Axis message style was pretty much completed.
11 11-Nov Trying to conform to the new IVOA 0.9 schema started.
12 12-Nov Plotter for TopCat hopefully done or somewhat working.
12 19-Nov Done some what with the conforming to the IVOA schema
14 20-Nov Working on Harvester
15 28-Nov Harvester complete. Just need more testing.
| 16 | 28-Nov | Work on Portal interface to make it better.
17 8-Dec Well code freeze for the demo, Community tickets hopefully has a lot complete and is now stopped.
18 8-Dec New Registry is still in progress it did not have a code freeze because it is for the next iteration only demo is code freezed.

Deliverables and Milestones
Description Owner Status Due Date
Design & Plan KMB In progress 24-Oct-2003
Dummy delegate KMB In progress 29-Oct-2003


Weekly Reports

Weekly reports can be found on this page.

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