Monthly Reports

January 2008

December 2007

Released 2007.4.beta1

  • First beta release
  • Extensive Astroscope improvements.

November 2007

Released 2007.4.alpha7

  • Self testing to diagnose potential problems at startup
  • Completed application's menu bars
  • Drag and drop between windows and between application and OS

Released 2007.4.alpha8

  • Reporting and monitoring of background processes
  • Low-bandwidth configuration
  • Dialog improvements - non-modal where possible.
  • Formatting of resources in VoExplorer
  • VoExplorer, TaskRunner, FileExplorer, Core UI now completed.


  • Working on completing Astroscope side of VoDesktop
  • Building towards first feature-complete beta release in mid-December.

October 2007

Released 2007.4.alpha6

  • TaskRunner:
    • rearranged layout as suggested
    • parameter values are remembered, and can be recalled from a running task
    • file:// indirect parameters are copied to myspace.
  • VoExplorer: finished suggested UI improvements.
  • Added general error handler - makes a best effort to display something meaningful to the user.
  • Added mechanism for displaying transient messages / warnings.
  • Completed file chooser dialogue

Worked towards next release

  • Added self-testing at startup - detects and warns the user when there is no network connection / ports not open / proxy server in the way.
  • Updated login dialogue to show login progress and report errors
  • Fixed assorted long-standing AR/AstroScope bugs - 2116, 2148, 2189,1837


Attended VOIndia Workshop at IUCAA, Pune - 1 week, plus preparation


  • Integrating Mark's work on VoExplorer resource tree
  • Extending Drag-and-drop support, and testing for interoperation with OS. (e.g. drag a resource or myspace file into a text editor)
  • Adding cut / copy / paste where useful
  • Sorting out menus - key accelerators, etc.


  • Plan to have another release out in early November - in which VoExplorer, TaskRunner, FileExplorer will be feature-complete (but not necessarily bug-free)
  • After that, concentrate on completing AstroScope, Registry 1.0 upgrade

-- NoelWinstanley - 31 Oct 2007

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