This is the top level document describing the structure of the AstroGrid project Phase B work breakdown.

Following the links below will take you to a page which contains a description of the work activity and its breakdown into deliverables and milestones.

Deliverables are released at the end of each Iteration, these release are available from the SoftwareReleases page.

Component Development

This is a further development of the ServicesModel. In the latest version (click for a full-size picture): I have divided the components into likely packages, as follows (these divisions may change as we develop the architecture and detailed designs further). The milestones and deliverables may also change as we go into interation planning.

Current Iteration (04)



Archived Project Pages

Research Activities

It is likely that this list may be added to during the course of the project as other areas open up that require further investigation.

-- TonyLinde - 01 Dec 2002

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