AstroGrid Science Workshop and RadioNet/AstroGrid workshop for radio data providers

Oxford w/c 4 December 2006


Please see AstroGrid Science Workshop and RadioNet/AstroGrid workshop for radio data providers main page for details of registration, requirements etc.

Data Provider sessions

Most of the VO/AstroGrid (V) and RadioNet (R) sessions will consist of a 30-45 minute interactive introduction followed by work on the problems posed, mostly in sub-groups. Although the sessions are tailored to radio data providers or those with large amounts of data to process, anyone is welcome to register (subject to space) if they think that they will find them relevant.

Subject to ammendment depending on interests expressed at registration.

F = Fisher Room - plenary sessions where internet access is required
C = Conference Room - second room with internet access available for overspill workgroups
L = Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre - plenaries where only the presenter needs internet

Time/Place What Who Talk
Day 2 5 December    
1300 LUNCH    
1400 F Welcome and introductions/practical info etc.    
1415 F Overview of VOs, AstroGrid, VOTech, DCA, IVOA Nic Walton, Mark Allen NW.pdf MA.pdf
1445 F Use of AstroGrid workbench and AstroGrid/VOTech etc. tools with emphasis on data retrieval and manipulation Dave Morris/Eduardo Gonzalez-Solares/Anita Richards AstroGridDataAccess.pdf
1530 F Overview of RadioNet developments including software and archive needs Willem Baan  
1545 COFFEE  
1615 F parselTongue demonstration Mark Kettenis/Anita Richards/Cormac Purcell .html
1700 F Identification of participants' goals    
  Divide into groups with common interests    
1800 End of day    
Day 3 6 December    
0900 F/C V1 Requirements for data retrieval    
  VO standards Anita Richards [.pdf] [.sxi]
  Tools and routes to data: AstroGrid architecture Guy Rixon [.pdf] [.odp]
  VOTable: what, why and how Mark Taylor pdf
  Practical work    
1045 COFFEE    
1115 F/C V2 Registry    
  How to describe your data collection Kevin Benson  
  How to publish to VOs - Registry demonstration Kevin Benson  
  Practical work    
1300 LUNCH    
1400 F V3 Making astronomical data and images accessible from the VO    
  Tabular data (DSA) Kona Andrews  
  Static collections of images etc. (S?AProtools) Mark Taylor pdf
  V4 Deploying existing applications in the VO environment    
  The Common Execution Architecture and grid computing Guy Rixon [.pdf] [.odp]
  Python scripting Eduardo Gonzalez-Solares [pdf] [examples]
1545 TEA    
1615 F/C Practical work    
1800 End of working day    
1930 Conference dinner    
Day 4 7 December  
0900 L R1 Archive requirements (15-25 min reports from institutes/projects)  
  WSRT/LOFAR pipelines and Flagger Adriaan Renting  
  NRAO-AIPS pipeline; ALMA/CASA pipeline Ed Fomalont Fomalont_nrao_pipeline.pdf
  ALMA Science Archive Sandra Etoka ASA presentation (pdf)
  ALMA pipeline and flagging John Lightfoot (tbc)  
  (e-)MERLIN Simon Garrington  
1045 COFFEE  
1115 F/C R2 parselTongue pipelines  
  MERLIN Imager Anita Richards MerlinImagerCV.pdf
  The EVN pipeline and how to construct your parselTongue pipeline Mark Kettenis .pdf
  Practical work    
1300 LUNCH  
1400 F/C V5 Making applications VO aware    
  CEA interface to parselTongue/python scripts Guy Rixon [.pdf][.odp]
  AstroRuntime Environment and PLASTIC Noel Winstanley pdf
  Practical work    
1545 TEA (AstroGrid/ALMA liaison)  
1615 F/C    
  Practical work (Help on integrating tools into CEA and registering them will be given as required)  
1800 End of day  
Day 5 8 December  
0900 F/C Continue working on data publishing    
1045 COFFEE  
1115 L R4 Beginning-to-end data models (15-25 min reports from institutes/projects)  
  The RadioNet Common Proposal Tool Anton Smit NorthStar pdf
  The ALMA Observing Tool Alan Bridger ALMA OT Presentation (pdf)
  The ALMA Science Data Model Francois Viallefond  
  CASA (Common Astronomy Software Applications) Wes Young astrogridCASA.pdf
1300 LUNCH    
1400 Reports/demos from each data publishing workgroup    
1530 Closing remarks Simon Garrington or Willem Baan, Keith Noddle  
1545 TEA    
1615 End of day    

Acronym soup

AIPS - Astronomical Image Proccessing Software
ALMA - Atacama large Millimetre Array
CASA - Common Astronomy Software Applications
CEA - Common Execution Architecture
DSA - Data Set Access
EVN - Europeal VLBI Network
LOFAR - Low Frequency Array
MERLIN - Multi Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network
NRAO - National Radio Astronomy Observatory (USA)
S?AP - Simple ? Access Protocol (where ? can be Image, Spectral, Line, Time...)
VLBI - Very Long baseline Interferometry
WSRT - Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope

Data processing/providing projects

We will divide into a few groups to work on projects based on data pipelining, archiving and delivering to the user. These should be specific problems which can be tackled using VO and RadioNet components. The idea is that each group will decide on a problem that they would like to work on, and they will be assisted by the tutors after each hands-on introduction and during the project work session. The afternoon session of the last day will then give each workgroup a chance to demonstrate what they have achieved!

These are suggested workgroup topics, please think about what you really want to do.


Catalogue publishing


Pipelining data from the telescope, flagging, archiving, VO access


User-steered pipelines and VO interfaces

Additional computing requirements

Radio/Data providers

  • If you want to work on radio pipelines and publishing data:
    • To run parselTongue, you should have Python 2.3 or newer and have installed Obit and parselTongue - and AIPS, of course - but please let us know if you have problems and if necessary we will arrange a surgery at the workshop.
    • You might find an XML editor (e.g. Oxygen) useful but not essential.
    • Your data should be one or more of the following types:
      • Tabular data in a suitable database (we may be able to help if you have catalogues in ascii, VOTable etc. but please let us know in advance ).
      • Data accessible via a command-line program (e.g. via parselTongue)
      • Collections of images or spectra - depending on existing or constructable interfaces (e.g. via an observing log in a database).
    • The data should reside on disc at your home or another institute (not your laptop).
      • You will need to be able to log in to an external machine and install software from the workshop. We recommend a Linux or Unix machine, with ssh access enabled and a static IP address.
      • The AstroGrid services installed on the machine will need access to ports 80 or 8080, and these will need to be accessible from outside (the public Internet).
      • The data needs to be accessible from the machine you will be using for installing the AstroGrid services.
      • As part of the preparation for the workshop, you will need to install specific versions of Java (5) and Tomcat (5.5.20 or 5.5.21) There are instructions to do this here: tomcat_radionet.txt
    • There is an example of one of the exercises which will make up part of the workshop here: Angular-diameter calculator
    • If you are unable to get access to a suitable machine, the AstroGrid team may be able to provide one. However, numbers are limited, and you will need to contact the workshop organizers in advance.
    • You will need to install software on your laptop and remote machine (if publishing) during the workshop, which means that you may need root access to do this.


Adql Information Link.

-- AnitaRichards - 15 Sep 2006

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