Sci Team Tele 20051104

Present: NAW, JAT, SD, AMSR, EGS

Time: 14.00


  • 1. updates on sci cases - so solar (sd), gould (amsr), swire (eglez)

  • 2. themes for the next cycle (AG)

  • 3. impact on VOTECH - stage 3

  • 4. prep for iau

1 Status of science cases

We need to think about the focus for the next cycle. Please keep adding list at DataWish.

  • GeoeffectiveCME (sd): IDL programs that make a summary plot of STP parameters to be registered as CEA application. The plan is to also have a parametrised workflow that calls this application, so that a user types in a time range and gets back summary plot. Both this wf and solar movie maker would be enhanced by allowing a user to input a list of time ranges (eg CSV file) to get multiple plots/movies. Also a parametrised wf for the CTIP model will be available soon (George Millward presenting this at MIST). Next cycle - more solar data needed: SOHO dataset from RAL (currently being updated)

  • GouldBelt (amsr): GouldBeltFeedBack has feedback from Jeremy. We need to improve registry entries and have for example information about coverage. ACTION AMSR: organise a meeting for discussing the registry issues with Kevin and new Leicester VOTECH person, as part of the registry browser discussion. We need no less than 10 million rows within DSA. ACTION AMSR: email Dave about this.

  • Redshift maker working with infrared data (eglez): We need access to infrared data. Edinburgh should provide SIAP service for WFCAM data - this is a priority. ACTION EGLEZ: Test SIAP on local set of IR data and get in touch with Edinburgh on this. Application for image data: SWARP is not working. Use CASU application instead: needs to be wrapped. ACTION EGLEZ: make sure that this application gets registered asap. We need access to the latest SWIRE catalogue. Vizier proxi can be used for this.

  • Science case for next cycle: Massive star populations. Linked with VOTECH case. ACTION JAT: start following this case.

  • Radio / X-ray / Hubble deep fields science work (amsr). Also JAT has started looking at large area survey.

Try and get a paper out of each of these cases by next June. Also presentations for IAU from these. ACTION NAW: add a place holder for these cases from AgScience. ACTION ALL: outline what we need for these cases to show AG tech people at IoA science planning meeting on Nov 25.

For info: IAU Astrodata discussion forum

Science Workshops

A few workshops are in the pipeline - see AgMeetings calendar pages. Demo workshop in Leicester is being planned. ACTION EGLEZ: check plans for Sussex workshop ACTION NAW: check plans for UCL London Astronomers workshop


Jonathan will be in charge of documentation. AMSR suggests more discussion on documentation within science team. ACTION JAT: draft a plan of how to structure the documentation so that we can discuss it. ACTION ALL: Plan to be at the Technical planning meeting on 29th November Leicester. In the morning we will be at the planning meeting, in the afternoon we will discuss documentation.


Science Planning Meeting on 25 Nov, IoA

Reminder: SAG meeting 2 February 2006 at Sussex

Consortium meeting will be tech-oriented.

Upcoming demos:

  • NAM in leicester (April 3-7)
  • MIST/UKSP in Aberystwyth (April 10-13)
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