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This wiki site is used by the project for internal discussions. It has been in use since 2002, and has not been restructured for some time, so it is now rather an impenetrable thicket, and very out of date in most places. It contains interesting material, and continues to be used for new things, but is really just a scratch pad, so please don't take anything you find as necessarily representative of the current AstroGrid.

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AstroGridPubs : holding page for collecting publication list

AstroConsortiumSupport : some ideas on how to adapt AstroGrid tools for large astronomical consortia

Ancient top-level material....

Project Description

Astrogrid is a ~14M (over the period 2001-2009) project aimed at building a data-grid for UK astronomy, which will form the UK contribution to a global VirtualObservatory. It is also one of several Grid projects in the UK's e-Science initiative - more information on these can be obtained from the National E-science Centre. Astrogrid is funded via the UK's Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council(PPARC), now by the Science and Technology Facilities Council ( and by the European Commission. The project was formally started on 2001 September 1, with the first phase ending Dec 2004, the current extension to Dec 2007, with the transition to full operations phase completing end 2009.

From the project's initial (2001) proposal:

The goals of the Astrogrid project are :

  • A working datagrid for key UK databases
  • High throughput datamining facilities for interrogating those databases
  • A uniform archive query and data-mining software interface
  • The ability to browse simultaneously multiple datasets
  • A set of tools for integrated on-line analysis of extracted data
  • A set of tools for on-line database analysis and exploration
  • A facility for users to upload code to run their own algorithms on the datamining machines
  • An exploration of techniques for open-ended resource discovery

Many of these goals are common to other nations and other disciplines. We are working in collaboration with related projects worldwide to deliver these goals.

Project Release

AstroGrid Release v1.0

AstroGrid is pleased to announce the availability of its Release v1.0. You are encouraged to register and use the UK's Virtual Observatory system.

This is a preliminary, shared-risks, release - the system is not yet fully documented, and has some known bugs. However it is useful for science already and so we encourage astronomers register, use the system, and provide us their feedback.

Find out more from the release v1.0 pages

Project Science

AstroGrid is focused on delivering a system of relevance to its end user astronomy community. Details of how to make best use of AstroGrid to support your science are given at these AgScience pages.

The initial AstroGrid Science Requirements Document was derived from the key Phase-B science drivers. The Architecture that was adopted so as to facilitate the delivery of the capabilities required (from an analysis of the science drivers) is fundamental to AstroGrid.

Deployment and Operations

The AstroGrid system is being deployed in the UK - forming the UK's Virtual Observatory. Further, infrastructural components developed by AstroGrid will form the back bone of the Euro-VO. It is also being used by an increasing number of external groups.

Details of Deployment and Operations are given from these AgDeploy pages

Project Planning

The AstroGrid project started in three stages - an initial Phase A study, a Phase B construction stage, and a follow-on project, imaginatively entitled AstroGrid-2, which began in January 2005. It is now entering into the Operational phase, which with further imagination is known as AstroGrid-3, starting in January 2008 and initially funded for 2 years.

AstroGrid-2 settled into a six-month planning cycles which will be continued into AstroGrid-3 although with less emphasis on delivering product and much more on sustaining an operation service. There is an overall long term plan, but a review process before every six months produces a more concrete set of goals and deliverables, summarised in a top-level "Cycle Plan". A detailed Project Plan for the Cycle is then produced. Details for AstroGrid-2 can be found here, whilst details for Astrogrid-3 can be found here.

Progress on the project is tracked on the Oversight Pages, and is monitored by the PPARC AstroGrid Oversight Committee.

Project Meetings and Events

The twice yearly AstroGrid Full Consortium project meetings are the Project's two day checkpoint and strategy events.

AstroGrid also organises or particpates in a range of workshops aimed at informing and illustrating the use of VO systems to the scientific community.

The full range of meetings, both internal and external can be found at:

  • AgMeetings: calendar listing all Astrogrid meetings - e.g. WGL, TSP, project Meetings, Oversight committees and so forth.
  • ConfsMeetings: conferences (inc AVO and IVOA meetings) of interest to project people and a list of who from Astrogrid that will be attending

Papers, presentations and reports given by members of the AstroGrid project at meetings can be found at:

  • MeetingsPresentations: list of conferences and meetings attended by team members (with presentations available for download)


AstroGrid also organises or particpates in a range of workshops aimed at informing and illustrating the use of VO systems to the scientific community. AstroGrid orgainises both science workshops aimed at the end user astronomer community - and technical workshops aimed at the resource provider community. Other workshop injclude those aimed at the developer communuity and at partner missions.

Templates and Logos

Workers on the project will often wish to create presentations and documents. Go to the TemplatesLogosEtc page to find document and presentation templates, logos and other useful artefacts that will help in creating them.

Background and Misc

For more information on the Astrogrid project, have a look at:

Other information in this web includes:

Useful information in other webs incudes:

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