School Space Meeting

26 Apr 2004 @ IoA, Cambridge


1. 10.30 Welcome and Goals [Mason]
    - agree on proposal scale  
    - timeline for proposal production (in outline readiness for likely begin June meeting with DfES)  
2. 10.40 Report on the DfES/BNSC meeting [Clegg]
3. 11.00 SchoolSpace proposal [Walton]
    - scope  
    - budget  
    - partners  
    - proposal development timeline and funding route  
    - issues: content & technical  
4. 12.00 SchoolSpace proposal and the DfES/BNSC partnership [Clegg]
    - context of the PPARC supported proposal in the more general BNSC space offer framework  
5. 12.20 Review of Actions and AOB [Mason]
6. 12.30 Meeting Close  

Papers Tabled

Meeting Report


Elizabeth Auden AstroGrid, Space Science MSSL
Martin Barstow Space Science, Classroom Space Leic
Robin Clegg Science in Society PPARC
Carolin Crawford Astronomy, Education IoA
Adrian Cullum-Hanshaw MOTIVATE MMP
Lucie Green Astronomy Faulkes
Ian Lawrence Science Education IoP
Keith Mason PPARC Council, Space Science MSSL
Keith Norfolk Classroom Space Leic
Tony Linde AstroGrid, eScience Leic
Andy Parker eScience CeSC
Nicholas Walton AstroGrid, Astronomy IoA
Helen Walker Space Science RAL
Lisa Wright Astronomy, Education IoA

-- NicholasWalton - 23 Apr 2004
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