We'll keep a list of problems with this and the other AstroGrid sites. Before you add an entry here, check in the Site Support forum to see if anyone can replicate or solve the problem. If the problem is not solved, add it to this list.

NOTE: The Forums will not work with Netscape 4.xx and the software authors do not intend to provide support for it.

Browser Version OS Site Problem Workaround
Netscape 4.78 ?all Forum If you are entering a message, resizing the browser window to add more information loses everything you've typed into the text boxes. [Submit] the message first, then resize the browser and finally [Edit] the message to add the extra info.
Netscape 4.78     The front-page font is very small and cannot be resized in my browser by changing font preferences Check out NavigatorFix
Netscape 4.7 SUN   The front-page font is very small and changing font preferences produces a tiny effect in line spacing and none in font size. Also if I try to log in it usually ignors me (about 1 time in 10 it works but then it takes another 10+ attempts to change anything else, e.g. I cannot change my password. The Wiki pages are fine (font sizes change OK, log-in is easy). Hence NavigatorFix does not seem to be possible on a Sun.
For a list of tested compatible browsers, check out SiteTestedBrowsers.

-- TonyLinde - 27 Feb 2002

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