ScienceProblem: CoronalMassEjectionEffect


Solar Terrestrial Physicist


Gain an understanding of the effect of a Coronal Mass Ejection on the near Earth system.


LASCO Coronagraph on SOHO (to identify Earthward bound CME).

MAG, SWEPAM and SWICS on ACE (to identify orientation of the interplanetary magnetic field, solar wind characteristics and composition).

Plasma, particle and field measurements on the four Cluster spacecraft near the mangetopause.

In-situ geostationary energetic particle measurements e.g. LANL satellites, visible/UV auroral imagers on Polar and IMAGE, and groundbased magnetometer chains (to identify enhanced sub-storm activity).

CAMMICE on Polar (to identify time-scales for entry of solar wind into the magnetosphere).

Neutral imagers on IMAGE and geomagnetic indices, Dst, (to provide global picture of enhanced ring current response to the CME).


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-- ChrisPerry - 25 Jan 2002

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