ScienceProblem: ElectronAccelerationInPSBL


Solar Terrestrial Physicist


Understand electron distributions in the inner magnetosphere/magnetosheath transition region.


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This study aims to elucidate the processes occurring in the low-latitude, plasma sheet boundary layers and tail lobes which govern the electron distributions there. Objectives include the relative influence of diffusion and/or energization, the source(s) of free energy, velocity-dependent acceleration processes, the sources of fluctations (e.g. magnetopause "breathing", Kelvi-Helholtz instabilities, and the injection of plasma "blobs"), and the mapping of particle trajectories to detect the open/closed field line configurations and boundary location(s).


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Taken from the UK Co-ordinated Data Handling Facility for Cluster, User Requirements Document, (CU-QMW-RS-0001, Version 2.0, 1992, Queen Mary College University of London).

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-- ChrisPerry - 13 Mar 2002

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