ScienceProblem: ElectronHeatingAtCollisionlessShocks


Solar Terrestrial Physicist


Understand particle energisation processes at collisionless shocks


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This study is principally concerned with electron heating and dynamics at the Earth's bow shock, but also includes electron dynamics at interplanetary shocks and at slow shocks in the Earth's geomagnetic tail. Requirements include study of the shape of the electron distribution function/pitch angle distribution, particular attention to the dc electric field, spacecraft potential, and low energy electrons, and role of waves vs. dc fields in dissipation processes and electron dynamics.


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Taken from the UK Co-ordinated Data Handling Facility for Cluster, User Requirements Document, (CU-QMW-RS-0001, Version 2.0, 1992, Queen Mary College University of London).

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-- ChrisPerry - 13 Mar 2002

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