UseCase: MySpacePublishDerivedData




Upload of derived data (from a federation of AstroGrid data sets, e.g. FindQSOsByPosition ) coupled with possible data improvements (e.g. SetImageWCS)


Astronomical community


User acts upon data sets available within the AstroGrid realm. User generates derived data sets, involving possible refinements to the meta-data descibing individual data sets


  1. Astronomer improves data metadata (e.g. SetImageWCS) for a number of different data sets
  2. User performs a query cross federating these data sets (e.g. GetFluxOrUpperLimitAtPosition)
  3. A multidimensional derived data set is returned
  4. User is able to publish this data set in a my-Space area within the AstroGrid realm
  5. my-Space would enable a user to publish their derived data sets in a fashion whereby their identity could be associated with the derived data set


Users identified derived data sets available through my-Space within AstroGrid for general community access


type here


type here


my-Space would conceptually allow for the placement of user generated data manipulations, both intermediate and final products. my-Space would enable user placement of data sets within the AstroGrid realm (thus ensuring that the product was suitably annotated etc). It would be analagous to astro-ph for the publishing of data. For user end product derived data sets it should be possible to publish the descriptive research paper at astro-ph, whilst simuyltaneously making available the derived data sets at AstroGrid's my-Space

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Interesting. Presumably data in my-Space is in the public domain, as it would be if it appeared in a journal. That means that the community has automatic read/copy/search access to it. But who owns it (e.g. who has delete permission? Does the person who posted it have the right to withdraw it? Does the "VO management" have the right to withdraw it?

How does my-Space interact with the putative private data stored "on the Grid" in the process of runnign queries? Is it the same thing with different default permissions or is it separate? -- GuyRixon - 13 Feb 2002

-- NicholasWalton - 13 Feb 2002

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