UseCase: SetImageWCS


Astronomer, Data Flow Scientist


Association of correct WCS to an image file


type here


Image file (in FITS format?) with indication of pointing centre and pixel size.


  1. Display the image from a local disk or via a server. It either has a rough WCS or the rough centre, orientation and scale is known or they can be attached from another file.
  2. Overlay a remote astrometric catalogue e.g. GSC at ESO as Skycat/GAIA.
  3. Mark the stars on the image and drag/assign the catalogue stars or run a detection program on-the-fly which has some background following and other detection parameters like thresholding parameters, image saturation levels.
  4. Perform a fit where the residuals might be shown as vectors on the original plot.
  5. Edit the fitted stars by hand or the program sigma clips iteratively.
  6. Accept the fit.
  7. Save the image with the new WCS on a local disk or back on the server.


type here


type here


type here


type here

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-- NicholasWalton - 27 Jan 2002

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