UseCase: UploadUserCode




An astrogrid user with the appropriate permissions can upload and run user code on grid compute resources.


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Inside the DetermineProgram use case, the user can choose 'user code' as a source for a program or model. This code can be uploaded from the user's computer and run on the grid, or the user can run the code on the machine where it is stored.


1. The Run Program Fašade accesses the User Code Fašade.

2. User can choose to run the code from the machine where it is stored or to run the code on a grid compute resource.

3a. If user chooses to run the code on his or her computer:

  • Data is transferred to the user's computer

  • Code runs there.

3b. If user chooses to upload code to a grid resource:

4. Results are returned to MySpace via MySpaceStoreResults.


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Links to ScienceProblems:

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Please see the sequence diagram for this case.

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-- NicholasWalton - 07 Jun 2002

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